When you're talking to people about dance music, referencing Las Vegas will have many immediately thinking about clubs like XS, LIGHT, or the incoming EDM explosion. Nestled in that region is King, who recently came under our radar and has a brilliant new album, Koncepts, set to drop on April 22 via Seclusiasis. He's previously had tunes released on Play Me and Betamorph, but this latest release, which showcases his range with many styles of dance music, is sure to have his name ring out, from smart DJs to tastemakers worldwide (just check out "Shawty Moon" if you don't believe us).

For his contribution to our Five Tracks series, King takes us on a musical trek, from the days of him being a shorty right up through the 2000s, pinpointing important tracks within his development. He weaves a great tale, showing us where he's from, what he's love, and ultimately, gives us a peak into the artist that stands before us today. Enjoy King's Five Tracks, and look out for an exclusive treat from him next week!