Chrissy Murderbot might be your favorite DJ's favorite DJ. And if he isn't, you might need a new favorite DJ. This Chicago spinner has been doing it since 1995, and has been called "a virtual walking encyclopedia of the last 30 years of dance music" by XLR8R. He has dropped projects on Planet Mu, and operates the forward-thinking imprint Loose Squares. His most recent project, GREATEST HITS *****, came out this week and is just as astonishing as anything else he's released.

When we asked Chrissy to hit us with a Five Tracks, we didn't know what to expect. He's got the knowledge, but where would his head be at? We should have known that his head would be where it always is - everywhere. We've got some throwback Chicago house, some vocal dubstep, vintage jungle, and a few other sly picks. And, no diss to anyone else who has contributed, but we love the way Chrissy attacked this: Like a DJ would. He's pinpointing intricacies many might not catch on first (or third) (or 18th) listen. Dude's a gem, and we're proud to have him dropping science on DAD yet again. Rock this, then grab his album. Then grab his DAD mix!