According to Nicole George-Middleton, the vice president of the company's Rhythm and Soul Membership, Drake has signed with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, otherwise known as ASCAP.

ASCAP is one of three major performance-rights organizations responsible for protecting the copyrights of performing artists and making sure they are paid due royalties. Drake was with BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.).

Drake also released a statement, according to Billboard:

"For me, a big part of making music is getting the opportunity to work with people I love, trust and respect. As an organization run by music creators, ASCAP represents a whole community of kindred spirits. Joining ASCAP was just a natural choice for me because I know my music is in the best possible hands."

This quote is a reference to ASCAP's long history; in 1914, the company was founded by writers and publishers associated with New York's Tin Pan Alley pop music factory.

[Via Billboard]