One of the things that the influx of trap did for the EDM scene was open up the doors for more takes on established sounds. Sure, moombahton reinvented reggaeton for the dance music set, and trap really is just reimagining the Dirty South-style of hip-hop, but it's not more acceptable to play around with these undiscovered BPMs, at least in a dance music realm. DAD gave you a peek at this EP with Buzz Trillington's brilliant promo mix, but now we present to you We Keep It, an EP stuck entirely at 100BPM.

One DAD commenter called this "hyphy," which might work, but that might be missing the point; we're not in a time where we need to label everything. We're daily fighting those who say "you need not label everything," while then having to realize that people do need holes to pigeon sounds into. Right now, we're good with Buzz, Shooter McNappin, Riot Earp (love that name!), Notixx, Pickster One, and Ape Drums keeping it 1hunnid, having us live in this eternal twerk zone, where damn near everything is possible. Each track on this one is dope, plain and simple, and at the very least, it let's DAD know that we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to what dance music can acquire and rediscover.