While details are scarce, the New York Post is reporting that Dick Clark Productions, which produced the Golden Globes and the Academy of Country Music Awards broadcasts, is looking into producing some kind of EDM awards broadcast. Their foothold in the TV game right now is "DVR-proof" programming, AKA broadcasts that are seen as "must-see" TV, which they are currently on a win streak with (the recent ACMAs broadcast apparently brought in the biggest ratings since 2001, crushing ABC's Country Music Awards).

The real question is: What the hell would they be awarding? Biggest single? Most money made on tour? And while DAD has tried to show the world that the term "EDM" can be looked at as more than just "that popular American form of dance music from the last few years," will they be awarding, say, "best dubstep producer" or something?

Who knows. Expect your Guetta, your Deadmau5, your Tiesto, and maybe even your Skrillex to be on whatever this broadcast would be. Imagine the live performances... feels like someone has a LOT of thinking to do for this one to hit like mainstream awards shows do.