After a whole lot of confusion and a fake version of the song being released yesterday, the highly anticipated collaboration between Pharrell and Daft Punk is finally here. As promised, legendary European radio station Studio Brussell premiered the song in all its glory. Peep it above.

While it might not Friday in America or Europe yet, it is Friday in places like Japan so we're gonna say Studio Brussell kept their promise and delivered the record right when they said they would. 

Also, this has to be said, who are these people that make these fake versions of Daft Punk songs? WTF is the point of that? STOP TROLLING US. We have emotions and shit yo. Stop making fake songs using clips from Pharrell interviews just to waste our time.

Also, we need to just stop being so damn thirst. We'll hear the song when we hear it. No, we really don't need to hear it right this very second. So everybody just chill. 

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