Why People Say That: Dr. Dre is the Phil Jackson of rap coaches and he won a championship ring when he made Snoop Doggy Dogg the voice The Chronic. The album's other regulars, like Kurupt, Daz, RBX, and even Dre himself held their own, but they simply weren't equipped with Snoop's languid flow or his pizazz. Snoop ignited every song he touched.

However, despite dominating the first half of the album, he kind of disappears towards the end. After his touching reflection on track eight ("Lil Ghetto Boy") Snoop doesn't drop another verse until track 14 ("Stranded On Death Row"). That doesn't mean any of those songs without Snoop weren't great, it just means it felt like Dre let the Best Rapper Alive sit on the bench.

Why It Doesn't Matter: Snoop might have been the voice of the album, but you cannot overstate the influence and impact of Dr. Dre's g-funk sound. Even if no one could touch Snoop on the mic, putting perfectly capable rappers like The Lady of Rage or Kurupt in front of a classic Dre beat still resulted in magic. Plus, "Let Me Ride," "Lyrical Gangbang" and "A Nigga Witta Gun" were all notable songs that didn't feature major vocals from the Doggfather.