On April 28, 1998, Bronx rapper Big Pun released his debut solo album, Capital Punishment. The project would peak at number five on the Billboard charts and would go on to sell over one million units, making Pun the first Latino rapper to go Platinum. The album was dynamic, meshing street ruggedness with commercial smoothness and polish. Capital Punishment was propelled to the top of the charts by hit single "Still Not A Player," but also featured tracks like "Twinz (Deep Cover '98)," and "Super Lyrical," where Pun showcased the lyrical dexterity and brain-melting flow that have caused many to list him amongst their "Top 5 Dead Or Alive."

Tragically, almost two years after dropping his celebrated debut, Big Pun died of respiratory failure after suffering a heart attack. A posthumous sophomore album, Yeeeah Baby, was released on April 4, 2000, but while the project featured great songs such as "It's So Hard" and "New York Giants," it just could not compete with Capital Punishment in the eyes of many.

Above is an interview Pun did with MTV's "News 1515" in August 1998. The Bronx legend is as charming as he was on records, talking about his weight gain and responding to rumors of his deteriorating condition.

Rest In Peace, Big Pun.

[via MTV News]

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