Color us anxious, but we've been waiting for today for a while. Benga's Chapter II has eluded us for the better part of 2012,  especially since he dropped six singles in 2012 without any mention of when the album would be officially coming out. It hit our "most anticipated albums" list, primarily because it was due to be out before February was over, but even with a mini-mix for Chapter II, we'd had no concrete info on release date OR tracklist.

Now, we have it all, plus some cover art to boot.

While this link doesn't come up with the actual Chapter II album in iTunes, word is that the album will be released in the UK on May 6. We're assuming that pre-order is for the UK only (right now), but we do have word that CD and vinyl versions of Chapter II will be released, including some signed copies. If you're a UK resident and pre-order the album, you will get the pre-release track "Yellow" right away. And while the Kano-featured "Forefather" is on the project, the only one of those 2012 singles that made it to the album was "To Hell And Back," although Benga had said at the end of 2012 that the string of singles he put out were all taken from the project.

In any case, here is the full tracklisting for Chapter II:

1. Yellow
2. Smile
3. Click and Trap
4. Forefather
5. I Will Never Change
6. Choose 1 (ft. Youngman)
7. There's No Soul
8. Higher (ft. Autumn Rowe)
9. To Hell and Back
10. Warzone (ft. Sam Frank)
11. High Speed (ft. P Money)
12. Chapter II To Inspire
13. Running
14. Waiting (ft. Happiness)

Deluxe Bonus Tracks
1. Getting 42
2. Waiting (ft. Happiness)(Club Deluxe Mix)
3. Break Out The System
4. Album Mini Mix (ft. Youngman)