Soulful yet lonesome pianos, ethereal pads, dreamy soundscapes, Alesso has another vocal hit with his new progressive anthem, "If I Lose Myself."  The Alesso track is actually a remix of alternative rock/dance-pop band OneRepublic's single of the same name and although that came out in January, this version was released on Tuesday.  "If I Lose Myself" shares similarities with Alesso's 2012 smash collaboration with Seb Ingrosso, "Calling," in that the vocalist for both tracks is Ryan Tedder.  Tedder is the frontman of OneRepublic and has been singing over EDM anthems for the last little bit, so if that might be a harbinger for success.  So after dominating 2012 with another vocal anthem in "Years" and "Calling,"  there's no question that this progressive vocal anthem will be heard for the rest of this year.