Date: September 13, 2012
Best Line: "It sounds the same. To me, it's an annoying sound...Like a washing machine or a dryer."

It all started when Sway asked DMX what his thoughts about Lil Wayne were. After saying Wayne has a lot of talent, DMX said other rappers in the game do not. Sway didn't even need to ask the follow-up question because DMX explicitly referred to Drake. He went on about how he sounds "redundant" and kind of like a "washing machine or a dryer."

DMX imitated the sounds of such for a few seconds before really getting into what made him so upset about Drizzy, which was his involvement in Aaliyah's posthumous album. "How do you disregard what this woman did, what this beautiful angel did, how do you disregard it and take it for yourself," DMX said, while also questioning why he hadn't spoken with close friends of Aaliyah about the project. DMX had a point but watching him imitate a dryer was hilarious and painful, as it was obvious X was going through something of his own.


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