Date: January 9, 2012
Best Line: "As much as Kreayshawn would love to be considered part of this 'rap game,' she's not. I guess a part of me is kind of annoyed that those white girls are making these songs."

Another day, another Azealia Banks diss. This time the prey was Kreayshawn. Their beef originally started on Twitter, of course. The two went back and forth with Azealia telling Kreay to pick her fights more wisely (lol) and telling her that she's not built for rap. Kreay was hurt and said she's not a fan of Yung Rupunxel anymore.

Unfortunately, the beef didn't stop there: Azealia took the cover of The Hundreds magazine in January and said Kreay isn't considered part of the rap game. Sadly, Kreayshawn's record sales would flop later that year in tune with Azealia's diss.