EDM. Dance music. Electronic music. Electronica. Electronic Dance Music. Eurodance. Techno. Dubstep. These are just some of the names that've been used to describe the music we all care so deeply about. For a long time, it didn't matter what we called it, because no one else was paying attention and it was just ours. In 2013, the year of the rave, we know that this is no longer the case.

As more and more people find their way behind the decks and festivals get bigger and bigger, this music is experiencing growing pains. What we're actually calling it seems to be the biggest right now. EDM, as it has been called on this site, has taken the most flack and while we see why, we're not subscribing to it. Dance music isn't quite right and neither is electronic. Electronic dance music is just burdensome. Techno and dubstep are indivdual styles that at times have been reappropriated as derisive terms from haters. So once and for all, here are five reasons why you should call it EDM.