Year: 1995
Original Label: Interscope
New Label: Death Row

Why They Left: A deal with the devil if we ever saw one. Sitting in a jail cell after being convicted for sexual assault charges, 2Pac was offered path to freedom via the enterprising Suge Knight. Knight offered to put up the money to get 'Pac out of jail if he signed to Death Row. Between a rock and hard place, 'Pac signed Suge Knight's contract.

Career After They Left: There's no denying that initially, the Death Row move worked out for 'Pac. He came out of jail reenergized, and in 1996 dropped the smash hit album, All Eyez On Me, recorded at a furious pace, and became the Best Rapper Alive. Sadly, by the end of the year he was shot and killed. However, his legacy lived on for years through posthumous releases which only expanded his legend.