Year: 1998
Original Label: Death Row
New Label: No Limit

Why They Left: With 2Pac dead and Dr. Dre gone, Snoop Dogg appeared on the cover of VIBE with the words, "Last Man Standing." He had weathered the storm of a murder trial and despite dropping his lackluster sophomore set, Tha Doggfather, in November of 1996, he still had a career. However, Death Row got hit with the death blow when Suge Knight landed in jail. Snoop had to find a way out. Ever the savvy businessman, Master P offered Snoop Dogg a new home to bury his bones.

Career After They Left: From the get-go it didn't seem like No Limit was a permanent home for Snoop, rather a halfway house to do his bidding before he could fully rid himself of Suge Knight's influence. Snoop dropped three albums on No Limit, none of which returned Snoop to his former glory although they did keep his career afloat. Despite his lack of creative growth, Snoop credits Master P for giving him some game on the business side of things which helped Snoop really spread his wings and become one of hip-hop's greatest personalities beyond the mic but commercials and movies.