We'll admit it: DAD's been on a Daft Punk kick. Since this site's inception, we've been inundated with the return of the androids. It's hard to not get caught up; their fourth album, with all of its hype, has DAD nostalgic. We look to the past to figure out how the future will play out, and with "Get Lucky" exciting us (and the rest of the world), it's just making us dig that much deeper into DP lore.

A good friend of the site passed us an interview with Daft Punk from 1995, back when Homework was taking off, sans masks. It's in French, so if anyone wants to translate, please go in, but that's not the point. For Daft Punk, who have been so guarded with their likeness (and so inventive in the way that they have flipped their look), it's wild to think that there was a time when they seemingly had no issue with their faces being shown. It's probably going to be an even rarer occurrence as the years go on, but that's part of the excitement.

So, to celebrate our travels back into the Daft Punk discography, let's look back at the duo before they became the androids that now represent one of dance music's most amazing acts.