It's hard to be a fan of dance music and not hit a club, or a rave. Sure, you can experience the nuances of the biggest, most bass-fueled tunes in the comfort of your home, but the experience of feeling the bass on a proper soundsystem hitting you in the chest, while the light shows are going down and the crowd is getting down? It doesn't matter how many homies you have, it's hard to recreate all of those elements in your friend's basement, or in some random field. The problem is, going to clubs can suck!

It can be hard to avoid going to clubs to see some of your favorite DJs. Yet, while its a necessary evil, there are a number of things we despise about club life that we remember every time we park outside of a venue. From the droves of people trying to get in to the types of people you meet once you're in, these are some of the worst aspects about hitting clubs.