The 'Rider. Many can lay claim to helping drum & bass rise to where it is now, but many haven't been around as long as Grooverider has. He's been a longstanding pioneer within the scene, helping nurture the switch from the hardcore sounds to the jungle and drum & bass sounds that have emerged since. And while many know of Groove as the supreme DJ that he is, he's also been producing for just as long. He spent most of the 1990s releasing tunes on Metalheadz and his Prototype Recordings imprint, culminating with the release of his critically-acclaimed Mysteries of Funk album. He's also been a sought-after remixer, reworking everyone from Bjork to UB40.

While he's not as active as a producer anymore (although he's mentioned getting back into it), it's great to look at what he's done over his career. So much is heaped onto the feats he's achieved while putting the drum & bass scene on his back that his work as an artist can be cast to the side. Let's look at 10 essential Grooverider tracks, hoping that we can get some more new material from him in the near future.

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