Kevin Gates: "Nobody ever taught me anything about no songs. People have been telling me what they think. If what you think is so good, how come you not getting paid to think? You not getting paid to think so I don’t care what you think. I know what sounds good to me, what I like to ride and listen too. If the world appreciates that then great, if not then okay, I’m still going to have a great time listening to my music in my vehicle.

"I never made music for nobody else. Somebody accidentally heard my music and told me I had what it took. I never made music for nobody else. I made music for me.


I never made music for nobody else. I made music for me.


"I was always interested in [Jamaican] culture, and I know some Jamaicans. So, how that happened, they taught me about the culture and I really observed them a lot, and ate with them and all that. They taught me about Rastafarianism and they always had Reggae music playing. I’m not just saying I gravitated towards [Jamaican music] from that, but i went through a stage where that was all I listening to at one time.

"The guy that I know, I won’t say his name, but he lives not too far from a Greyhound station, and I used to hustle up and down that strip. Me and him met, got acquainted, met his family. And that’s how it went. I like Peter Tosh, Bob Marley of course. All of Capleton, Sizzla, Frisco Kid, Buju Banton. Anything that was really popping at the time I was fucking with. Lady Saw.

"Right now, they have nobody to compare [my music] to. So, if they’re comparing it to [Future], he’s making money right now, so he’s a good person to be compared to. I do listen to him. "