“I’m from Chatham, a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. I went to Jones College Prep for High School, and lived in the same house my whole life.

“Growing up there—when I was really young, it was mad communal, very organized and very unified neighborhood. My pops used to be a president of the block club and it was just one of those neighborhoods where everybody knew each other. It’s not really the exact same dynamic now. As time goes by, new people move in and old people move out and it’s a bit of a different neighborhood. But it’s still home. I fuck with it.

“I have a little brother, Taylor Bennett, and my mom and my dad are still together. My dad works in government—actually both of parents work in government. My pops works for the President and my mom works for the attorney general. My dad’s a Presidential appointee, but his specific job is regional director for the Department of Labor.

“My parents are into a lot of old disco shit, old 70s, 80s—like Michael Jackson, Prince’s shit, some soul shit, Earth, Wind & Fire, just a lot of traditional older music. Music wasn’t a big thing in my house. It was a big thing for me. I used to always perform at talent shows and do music shit, but it wasn’t something big in my house. My dad used to actually play the flute when he was a shorty, but that shit never really translated as an adult. We didn’t really have too many conversations about music. It wasn’t a big thing."