“The first thing I remember really listening to was Michael Jackson. I remember I had all the video cassette tapes they used to come out with. I had Michael Jackson: [The] Legend [Continues], Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, HiStory, The Jacksons: An American Dream. I just had all of that shit when I was a shorty, all of them on VHS. That was the only music I was allowed all the way up to until like second or third grade. We didn’t listen to the radio, we just listened to cassette tapes and Michael Jackson and shit growing up, until probably around fourth grade.

[When asked about Off the Wall vs. Thriller] “Off The Wall, you’re crazy. Do people compare those two? I guess they do because Thriller was the biggest, but Off The Wall. Come on.

“I want to say “Girlfriend” [was my favorite track] (sings melody). That’s just really good writing. But probably “Rock With You,” just because it’s the joint. It’s that production that I really liked listening to when I was working on this [upcoming mixtape] Acid Rap shit. Shit’s crucial though.”