“Acid Rap has a lot going on there, but it’s a lot jazzier of a tape, a lot more musical and it’s way more melodic. It pulls a lot from acid jazz and early 90s jazz-hip-hop. [Jamiroquai’s] 'Virtual Insanity' was the record that made me get up and decide that I wanted to make a certain style of music. It’s a faster drum pattern, a lot of really jazzy piano and a certain swing to it that a lot of my music on #10Day lacked. And just a happier sound overall. The Acid Rap joint is still very real, but the dope shit about it is that it’s me making music as a rapper, rather than an angry student that wanted to be a rapper. It’s me getting to finally just make songs and I still talk about my suspension and everything that’s going on in my life, but it’s the joy of making real songs.

“I think that’s what people are going to love about it. It’s still a cohesive tape, but it’s damn near just a collection of great music. It’s got a lot of influences from acid jazz, like I said, it’s got a soul to it, a disco sound, funk. It sounds a lot like Michael Jackson and sounds a lot like Eminem, Jamiroquai, it’s so many different sounds and such a vibrant album. And a lot of it I made when I was doing LSD, so it’s a lot freer. It’s a lot more free and it’s a lot more [of] me being able to speak from a less reserved standpoint, but a 'classy' standpoint. I don’t know, it’s the shit. It’s a very dope tape.


It’s got a soul to it, a disco sound, funk. It sounds a lot like Michael Jackson and sounds a lot like Eminem, Jamiroquai.


"I definitely did write it a lot differently. The #10Day tape was a lot of just two-track records, where I’d have the instrumental from the song that was already out, like I did with ‘22 Offs’ or ‘Fuck You Tahm Bout,’ or some of the songs were records where the producer just sent me the beat and then I wrote to it later. Some of them were entire songs I just rapped over. So it was my take on a lot of records, rather than with the new one, I’m in the studio building the songs with the producers, damn near producing the records."

[On the song "Acid Rain":] "In the fall of 2011, one of my homies passed away. We were in a fight, in the North Side of Chicago. Just at a party chilling and there was a big fight, and my friend Rodney got stabbed to death. It happened right in the middle of working on the #10Day tape. It was a big thing. I saw it happen, and it was something that fucked me up for a long time."