Brianna Perry: "I used to watch a ton of music videos when I was young with my cousin. We used to sneak and watch The Box on TV because my grandmother didn't like us to watch it. She would tell us not to, but I used to be the ringleader. I loved music videos—Cash Money, and Eve was hot.

"My grandmother never actually caught us but she knew we were watching it. She was like, 'I keep telling y'all to stop watching those videos.' I used to call and request certain videos. I guess she was getting billed and that's how she figured it out, because we used to call all day every day and it wasn't until we got a little older that we realized how she was finding out that we were watching the videos. It was the ultimate mystery, we never knew how she knew.

"I just always had a passion and a love for music. I had my favorites and the people I looked up to, and then I had these people [at Poe Boy] who were trying to do what the people I looked up would do, and they were so close to me that I thought, 'Wow if they can try to do it then I can try to do it, too.'

"I have a great relationship with [Trina and Missy Elliott]. Our ties and relationships go beyond music. They helped mould me as a person because they were involved in my life at such a young age. They care about my well-being not only as an artist but just as a person. We keep in touch, and them being females in the game they try to give me good advice because being in a male-dominated game is different. It's very tough, so they just try to help me out when they can.

"Coming up, I listened to a lot of Eve, but every female, Missy Elliott, working with her, she was always so ahead of her time to me, and definitely a blessing to have. Creatively she's just amazing.

"So many females like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, they're just classics in my eyes. Everyone who came before me, I admire them in some way or form because I understand the grind and how difficult it is. Women who have made it to that plateau and have been able to shine and beat out the odds are inspirations to me."

"As a child I was always pretty outgoing. I was always the kid in the school plays, in the spelling bees, in the oratorical contests. I was always involved in things like that. I think probably my life outside of school—going to the studio everyday and being around artists and producers—probably led me to be that way in school, because I always knew that I wanted to entertain.

"I went to the North Dade Center for Modern Languages, my school was very diverse. [It had] a lot of different cultures, so we would report the news and we would do it over the TVs in all the different classrooms. We did it in three different languages. I would get to do the news and I used to enjoy that. It was like we had our own little newscast station. I always knew I wanted to be something in the industry because it fit my character so well and I just grew a passion for music so I really couldn't see myself doing anything but this."