Alexander Spit: “Over the years J. Dilla has continuously influenced me. His shit is innovative and creative and not everybody can do it. He expanded my scope of where good music comes from, it doesn’t always come from what’s popular or what is most talked about.

“I’ve been influenced by folks like Tom Waits in regards to his whole charisma, aesthetic, and his song writing. He has this very simple yet heartfelt songwriting. Cats like Andre 3000 who could talk about real life issues and say it in a way that you could dance to it. Obviously cats like Jay-Z, he was one of the first rappers that I became a huge fan of. And Slug from Atmosphere.

“My list of influences—I’ve never been able to hone it down to a top three or five because I’m really one of those music listeners that has 10 different moods. All of my moods are influenced by different artists.”