Alexander Spit: “Two successful releases in a row when I was in my most honest and authentic state went well. It was like alright where do I go from here? That’s when I rekindled with drugs like mushrooms.

“Me and homies would just start taking more and more shrooms and I started getting pumped on the realm of psychedelia and rap music. Not even the combining of the two, that was just me. I was the rapper taking mushrooms, why not rap about that?

“It wasn’t a matter of me trying to find a gimmick, I wasn’t out here brainstorming with my folks like Action Bronson raps about cooking, this rapper raps about what they’re on—it wasn’t me like you should be the mushroom rapper. It wasn’t like that, I was just writing about my life and what I do and it happens to be a lane for what I’m doing.

“That’s how the whole A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside EP came together. As a result of me knowing that when I make trippy beats people fuck with it. I made trippy raps with trippy beats and that’s how that EP came together.”