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There are many legends, pioneers, and stellar artists within the drum & bass spectrum, but the fact of the matter is this: The scene wouldn't be where it's at now if it weren't for one man, Goldie. The love for the drum & bass and jungle sound has always been alive within the scene, but who would have cared if Goldie hadn't forced the mainstream to care? 1995's Timeless album was just that, a truly timeless piece of electronic music, and if you take a magnifying glass and really study the moves Goldie has been making since 1992, both as an artist and as a labelhead, you'll see shades of his reign painted over a number of different facets of the EDM scene today.

With FFRR releasing The Alchemist, a three-disc compilation showcasing the best of Goldie's work from 1992 to 2012, Do Androids Dance wanted to take a look at Goldie from a number of different angles, and have thus christened this week Goldie Week. Each day this week, we'll take a look at Goldie's legacy, from his stamp on the scene, be it as the figure behind Metalheadz or as a producer and trendsetter within the scene, to his many treks into the mainstream. Keep it locked all week for special Goldie/Metalheadz-related content (follow the "Goldie Week" tag for anything Goldie Week-related).

There aren't to many individuals quite like Goldie, so we salute the don with Goldie Week!