Details on this situation are kind of sketchy, even with video of the footage. From what we understand, Skream's set during the Boiler Room x Ray Ban SXSW showcase this past weekend was cut short. If you take the rumor mill seriously (and really, how could you?), this decision was made due to everything from time constraints to Skream being drunk. Both of these might actually be true; Skream makes a point in this to comment that "if I don't wake up on somebody's floor, face down in dog piss, I haven't had a good night." We do also know that the stream (at least) started about an hour later than originally advertised, and Skream's set was due to end at 3AM (which it technically did).

For whatever the reason was, Skream's set was cut, with all of the audio from the mixer and the microphone cut off. Skream didn't react as mental as you'd imagine, and the crowd on the video seemed to be into it (with cheers of "one more song!" and "just play it" being heard), but he did end up disconnecting one of the decks and handing it to the crowd around the booth.

From what we could gather from Skream's twitter, he's apologized to Boiler Room for the ordeal, and he doesn't remember dropping a single record that night. In the end, he's not proud of the situation, but he's in a catch-22: Skream is seen as the premiere rock star DJ, and by rock star we mean "stays drunk, parties hard." He has a rep that some might see as being destructive, and we hope that living up to that reputation isn't going to be detrimental to him in the future.

In any case, the full 32-minute mix is available down below: