Method Man celebrated his birthday last night at Key Club in Los Angeles, and brought out his partner in crime, Redman, for a rowdy rendition of "Da Rockwilder." Fans sang him "Happy Birthday," and Meth even opened up a present on stage. All of this is particuarly strange given the fact that Method Man's impending 41st birthday isn't until April 1. Here's a letter from MTV to Meth on his 39th birthday, confirming the April 1 date.

The reason for Meth's premature celebration is pretty difficult to pinpoint, especially given that entering the fray of continuously less glamorous birthdays after 40 wouldn't seem to be an urgent task for most. Meth is just different. Down bottom, check out this video of him cutting his birthday cake, then bringing out the RZA to perform "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit."

[via Rap Radar]