As the Rand Paul-led filibuster came to a head last night, Marco Rubio (with a full-sized glass of water within reach) stepped in. Having forgotten his “Shakespeare book,” Rubio made yet another attempt to seem cool by talking about his love of rap.

The senator kicked things off by “quoting” (read: naming a song by) “modern poet” Wiz Khalifa, for some reason. From there he went for the classic reference, saying that this whole situation is a whole lot like Jay-Z’s “A Week Ago,” before deciding that it’s actually not like that at all. In between he threw in a Godfather reference, because it’s so much cooler than Patton.

In case you were wondering, by the way, Rubio likes Jay and Wiz, but his favorites are N.W.A., Tupac and Eminem. And don’t even get him started on Lil Wayne, who “doesn’t hold a candle" to Tupac.

And always remember:

[via Gawker]