Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, and Migos make us aware that they have holmes's named Pepe, Pedro, and Juan, among others, in their new video for "Holmes." Collectively, they call themselves the "Black Migo Gang," while individually, Migos feels like Don Corleone, Scooter calls himself "Mr. Black Amigo," and Guwap, clad in a shawl-collar cardigan (perhaps perfecting his academic look), reminds us that kush is still his cologne.

Though this track is not one of the sixteen that made it on to Scooter and Gucci's Free Bricks 2, which came out just a few days ago, it's safe to say, from this song, that the pair isn't taking any thematic leaps away from bricks just yet, holmes.

[via HipHop-n-More]