During his recent trip to Boston, Chance The Rapper sat down with The Fresh Heir to talk about his upcoming Acid Rap project. During the interview, Chance spoke on how one of the recent releases, the well-received "Acid Rain," came about. "We were basically done with Acid Rap," Chance said, "We were just in the studio, working on records [...] I randomly decided to go through the e-mail and check for beats, and I saw some random beat from this kid named Jake."

After writing and recording to the beat, one of Chance's friends came into the studio and recognized that the "kid named Jake" was none other than Jake One, and alerted Chance to that fact, making the dope collaboration quite improbable.

Meanwhile, the Chi-town upstart speaks on the importance of both Ruby Hornet and Fake Shore Drive on the Chicago hip-hop scene, pointing out that not only do they cover the artists in Chicago and have increased their exposure, but that the two blogs were instrumental in introducing the business side of things to Chicago hip-hop that had previously ignored that aspect.

Chance's Acid Rap is slated for an April release.

[via The Fresh Heir]