Hey, Envision Fest. Remember me? Polaroid kid here. Thanks for posing for a full 30 seconds while my flash loaded, and pretending like hauling a fat brick of a camera around Central America was actually a good idea. I finally found a scanner to get these bad boys on some back-to-the-future shit and officially entered into the digital age so we can all embrace the best of both worlds and end Envision with a little 2013 retro fuh ya miiiiinds.

Here's the deal though - I need all you baby birds to share, post, tweet, tinder, like, love, and do whatever the fuck Google+ does to this post because I want to mail each one of these pictures back to the people who are in them.

If you know who's in the pictures, hit us up in the comments and let us know. We'll mail them the picture sealed with an Android kiss and sprayed with some of 808sJake's favorite perfume. (Which is Burberry - FYI. Kid showers in that shit.)

Thanks for the memories - here are your 2013 Faces of Envision Festival. Stay tuned for Faces of Coachella - which will be a lot easier to accomplish when 15 polaroids doesn't run you 80 bones.