Song: UGK "Let Me See It" (2001)

Pimp C's reputation for being "the realest" is well-deserved for many reasons. Never one to sugar coat things, Pimp C details his young ho's bushy sphincter. Perhaps we would have all been better off if he hadn't told us about this. We would all sleep better at night without this image haunting our dreams. But there's a sneaking suspicion that Pimp C enjoyed this sight, judging from his stance on pubic hair from his "Gettin' Some (Remix)" verse: "Hate a baldhead pussy had to let you bitches know/If the shit ain't got no hair on it, I can't fuck" This realization makes it even grosser picturing a lacivious Pimp C staring at "it." But then again, Pimp C knows better than us so we won't argue.