Song: Drake "The Motto" (2011)

What a life Lil Wayne leads-he has to worry about being killed by a wet vagina. Yes, that is a concern he has to live with everyday. The words "butt" and "pussy" aren't necessarily gross by themselves. But the imagery Lil Wayne creates by attaching a swimming metaphor to it turns an otherwise normal Wayne lyric into something very weird and disgusting.

We can see it now: a squall approaches, his only chance for survival is to swim as furious as he can to Butt Island. Lil Wayne forgot his arm floaties and the pussy current is tenacious. "Swim parallel to the pussy to escape the undercameltoe," she yells. Lil Wayne follows her directions and escapes. Exhausted, he crawls onto the shore of Butt Island and kisses it. A crisis averted. Death barely cheated; a close call, indeed.