Producer: Trackmasters

This wasn't the first time R&B was inspired by Biz Markie's "Make the Music With Your Mouth, Biz"; Mary J had already reinterpreted the beat on her debut record for "Changes I've Been Going Through." One of hip-hop's clear innovations was the malleability of the source material.

The biggest rap songs in the mid-1980s, when Biz's track was released, were sparse and percussive. This meant that with a few subtle touches, they could be completely transformed. All of these tracks made use of piano over the same drum pattern. But where Mary J Blige took Biz in a darker direction, Mya (with the help of Jay-Z) transformed the song into an upbeat, effervescent summer jam, and one of the best R&B-rap collaborations of the young decade. —David Drake

Inspiration: Biz Markie f/ T.J. Swan "Make The Music With Your Mouth" (1986)

Producer: Marley Marl