Producer: DJ Eddie F

The amazing thing about this sample is that it almost seems as though Mary J. Blige is directly responding to the track she lifts. "Reel to Reel" is a player's anthem, following its protagonist Grand Puba as he grabs digits, cheats on his girl, and refers to himself as "Mr. Jolly Rancher." Blige takes the playful beat and flips it as she provides the female perspective: "The hearts you break with your simple lies/And you better watch out baby, the next heart may be your own." Lou Donaldson's jazz instrumental cover of Bobby Gentry's "Ode to Billie Joe" is another element both tracks share. The frisky snare and impish keys provide the perfect sonic backdrop for Blige and Puba's cat and mouse game. —Alysa Lechner

Inspiration: Grand Puba "Reel to Reel" (1992)

Producer: Grand Puba, DJ Shabazz, SD50's, Latief, Kid Capri