Producer: Carlos "6 July" Broady

Both of these records source their sound to Brick's 1977 record, "Fun," but there's no denying that Akinyele's 1996 hit, "Put It in Your Mouth," popularized this particular flip of the oft-sampled song. That's why it was a little shocking, hilarious, and amazing to hear India Arie singing a neo-Soul women's empowerment anthem over a beat excruciatingly similar to what we'd come to associate with one of the raunchiest tracks in rap history. For good hip-hop measure, "Video" also contains a sample of Audio Two's seminal classic, "Top Billin'." —Ernest Baker

Inspiration: Akinyele "Put It In Your Mouth" (1996)

Producer: Chris Forte, Frankie Cutlass, DJ Enuff, Jiv Pos, Doctor Butcher, Ez Elpee