Producer: Charles Roane, Russell Elevado

Arguably the most slept-on R&B-remix-that-flipped-a-rap-beat in R&B-remix-that-flipped-a-rap-beat history, Groove Theory's incredibly popular single initially built on the same sample (the Mary Jane Girls' "All Night Long") as Big Daddy Kane's "Smooth Operator." For the remix, producers Charles Roane and Russell Elevado instead flipped an Edie Brickell sample ("What I Am"), originally utilized by Grand Puba and Brand Nubian for their rap classic "Slow Down."

The new sample seemed to only magnify the power of Amel Larrieux's vocal performance. The original's confident devotion is replaced by an urgency, tinting the original's swagger with the fleeting feeling that things might be slipping away: "This is one opportunity that I can't miss" seems even more desperate, to the song's great benefit. —David Drake

Inspiration: Brand Nubian "Slow Down" (1990)

Producer: Grand Puba, Brand Nubian