Album: Tasty
Label: Star Trak, Arista

Early on, Kelis' career was a labor of love for Pharrell and Chad, who wrote and produced both of her first two albums but saw very little success outside of 1998's scorned lover anthem "Caught Out There." They took a step back and let outside hands collaborate in overseeing the third Kelis album, 2003's Tasty, but not before gifting her a career highlight in "Milkshake." "Milkshake" is built around an exotic bongo pattern with a high pitched triangle hit that sorta sounds like a spoon hitting a glass. The rest of the mix is filled up with a blown out, distorted synth line that approximates the sound of a race car engine's hum. The song became a huge hit both in the US and overseas and became Kelis' signature song. And nowadays, it's nearly impossible to order a milkshake without someone bringing the song up.