Producer: Dat Nigga Daz, Dr. Dre
Album: Murder Was the Case Soundtrack
Label: Death Row, Interscope

Once Dre and Snoop kicked down the door, shifting the sound of West Coast hip-hop with The Chronic, it was the crew's turn. Daz and Kurupt spent much of the two years following Doggystyle's release working on—that's right—The Funky Headhunter for Hammer, but once they finally hit the scene, Snoop's Dogg Pound compatriots weren't holding back.

It might seem quaint now, but at the time, West Coast gangster rap was a volatile setting. "What Would You Do," which appeared on the soundtracks to both Murder was the Case and Natural Born Killers, seemed to threaten to enflame a situation that already felt like a powder keg. The song rode an uptempo G-funk beat produced by Daz and Dre, and explicitly sent shots in each and every direction, including at Eazy E, who initially provoked the group on "Real Muthafuckin' Gs." Eazy would respond in kind over the same instrumental later that year. David Drake