Producer: RZA
Album: Tical
Label: Def Jam

[Ed. Note—"Method Man" cannot be considered Tical's debut single as it was billed as a Wu-Tang Clan song (despite being a solo cut), served as a b-side to "Protect Your Neck," and was featured on Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers.]

In 1993, you could make the case that Method Man was the the King of New York. The Wu-Tang Clan had invaded the rap game with "Protect Ya Neck" and dropped an all-time classic with 36 Chambers. The clan was in the front but it was Tical who was the clan's frontman. His microphone technique and rugged personality were established on "Method Man," making him the breakout star of the group.

"Bring The Pain" picked up from where "Method Man" left off, and even continued the game of "Torture" that Meth and Rae were playing on the skit before "Method Man." RZA's spooky instrumental set the tone, yet it was Method's lyrical dexterity that made the track what it is. Johnny Blaze's madcap style constantly shifted between snappy rhymes ("In your Cross Colour clothes you've crossed over/Then got Totally Krossed Out and Kris Kross") to over-enunciated exposition ("MOVING ON YOUR LEFT!").

2Pac later lifted Meth's opening lines for the hook to his song, "No More Pain," but it was Chris Rock who made the title iconic: His career changing comedy special borrowed the song's title. —Insanul Ahmed