Producer: Organized Noise
Album: Soul Food
Label: LaFace

While the group had already made an impression on OutKast's "Get Up, Get Out," their solo debut "Cell Therapy," from the album Soul Food, was evidence that Goodie Mob was going to push the Dungeon Family sound in a different direction. Over a sparse, crackling piano lick patterned like a tango plunked at by a drunken musician, the Mob rapped about black helicopters and conspiracy theories that they made seem eerily plausible, rather than outlandish and absurd. Halfway between the unbelievable rantings of a gruff community elder and the wisdom of people who had seen far more unbelievable things actually come to pass, the track captured a sense of communal paranoia perfectly, and marked an auspicious debut for one of Atlanta's finest hip-hop groups. -David Drake