Producer: Prince Paul, De La Soul
Album: 3 Feet and Rising
Label: Tommy Boy

The original version of "Plug Tunin'" introduced both Prince Paul's kitchen-sink production style and De La's lyrically experimental approach. The very first recording the group created together, the song existed in a pre-Prince Paul format. When Paul heard the song, he told us in an extensive interview, he jumped at the chance to remake it. "It blew my mind," he recalled. After he rearranged the beat and added new samples, the song became De La's first track, and the group's first song to make it to radio. "It's such an odd record, nothing predated that, and it sounds like throwing whatever in the wind," Paul told us. "You didn't know where it was going to land. For touchy radio world back then to play that record is when I knew I won." - David Drake