Lil Wayne's new album leaked last night. As expected, I Am Not a Human Being II is a brash, no holds barred exhibition of Weezy's erratic thought process. The subject matter is of the usual variety: sex, drugs, and violence. Still, Wayne is the type of artist who you can count on to paint even the darkest of material with a commercial-friendly, pop-ready sheen.

You can also count on Lil Wayne to rap the most inane shit you've ever heard in your life. Whether that's a good or bad thing is subjective, but there's no question that his rhymes are outrageous. You're either going to think, "Wow, this new Wayne is trash," or "Damn, this kinda hot—Wayne is back." Wherever your allegiance may lie, you will find this dude's new batch of music wholly entertaining.

On Lil Wayne's latest release, his wordplay is as abject as ever. In the span of a few songs, Tunechi compares his dick to President Obama, a pistol to mouthwash, and cunnilingus to ibuprofen. There is, literally, line after line of mind-boggling, at times awe-inspiring audaciousness. You can search "lil wayne new album" on Twitter and see that the streets are talking, that the world is feeling conflicted. Is this album fucking terrible and a case for why Weezy needs to retire? Or is it an incredible display of persistence, relevance, and possibly brilliance, after it sells a gazillion copies next week?

Obviously, the conversation will continue, as more people listen, and because the album has only been out for, like, 13 hours. We'll see what this means for Wayne's legacy and all that rap nerd stuff in time. The only thing we know right now is that there are so many harebrained rhymes on this LP, that we had to make an entire list about it: The 40 Most Ridiculous Lyrics on Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being II.

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