Label: Def Jam

"Brooklyn Queens" makes any Best of the Borough list based on its ridiculously absurd video alone. The clip manages to be good-naturedly goofy (see Serch walk into a street sign!), racist (the Chinese delivery guy falls of his bike and spills—WAIT FOR IT!—rice), white-boy-rap-silly (Serch not only participates in a synchronized dance, he jumps over another man's shoulders), and an artifact of a bygone BK (Albee Square Mall is no more, but the fountain at Grand Army Plaza was refurbished eight years ago). The song itself isn't about Brooklyn all that much; it's about ladies who have their eyes on men's wallets, a tried and true (but mostly tried) rap song trope. But it's undeniably a jam, in the old school blunts-and-forties-on-a-summer's-day way, which makes it an outlier in the Brooklyn Anthem catalog. Yeah, BK is a crazy place, and it was even crazier before the locally sourced squirrel's milk stands started popping up, but it's a fun place, too. —Jack Erwin