"Best" Line: "Tell me what's next/Alien sex?/I'ma disrobe you/Then I'ma probe you."
Album: Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

Kanye West occasionally rides a dangerous line between corny and funny. On Katy Perry's "E.T.," the rapper fell headlong into eyeroll territory, and, like an astronaut in orbit, swung so far the other way that it became his best verse since "All Falls Down." Possibly the first rap song since "Rapture" to rhyme "Mars" and "cars," Ye's sci-fi schtick isn't even conceptually consistent; his pockets are green like Shrek, which is fantasy. He also rhymes "astronaut" and "ass-a-lot" and talks "probing" and alien sex, the kind of jokes a grade school bully might find too lowbrow. One for the Greatest Hits, no doubt. —David Drake