Age: 17

It's almost as if anytime someone makes slow, downtempo, brooding and not easily understood electronica that people immediately assume the producer is BRILLIANT. They don't understand him so it must be sophisticated! Well, normally at least. With XXYYXX, we aren't quite ready to say he's brilliant or a prodigy, but we do know the kid has the chops to potentially carve out a long career filled with his own spacey R&B-infused future bass beat music. That's quite a mouthful and perhaps not the most encompassing description, but that's part of what makes his music so good. Cinematic and personal, emotive and universal, XXYYXX made waves with his eponymously-titled debut LP. He has already toured the nation, he'll have shows in Miami during Miami Music Week, and his name is always talked about in the same vein as the Brainfeeder and LuckyMe dudes.