Lately, we're hearing more of the same thing: A dope track gets played, someone mentions the producer's age, and we immediately think, "wait, HOW OLD did you say they were?" Chalk it up to the early age children are using technology, or the easy access to production software, but there are a number of producers who are creating some impressive music that can't get into the bars they are getting played in. And it's not just about churning out a great melody, these producers are bringing a higher quality of sound to their productions as well.

Everyone from Breakage to A-Trak were seen as child prodigies when they first hit the scene, and now are helping lead the way. We've assembled a list of 10 producers who have the potential to make great strides in the EDM scene, and are young enough to have a 10+ year career in before they hit 30. Just make sure you card them when they hit the barkeep.