Never Say Die Records founder SKisM has always been one of the most influential figures in bass music with his cutting edge sound design, brutal basslines and crazy live sets. Despite being lauded by his peers and fans, like many other DJs, he's fallen prey to the taunts of internet trolls filling up YouTube and SoundCloud alike. With the video for "Experts," SKisM makes light of these keyboard gangsters, shutting them up once and for all (well, you'll never really shut them up).

The video takes cues from sports broadcasting tenets with quick editing, close up shots, before throwing us right into the action. As the troll keeps going, slamming away at his keyboard ("this is DRUMstep, not DUBstep"), he gains in confidence before the drop comes, getting sucked with the massive bass into an alternate reality. Landing in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the troll is faced with dubstep heavyweights fighting to protect their honor. Skrillex, Zomboy, Eptic, and Excision (in his Rexcision form, of course) all make appearances, but ultimately fall prey to the troll's powers with SKisM coming in to save the day. Not only is the track gnarly, the video is pretty heavy and is definitely one of the most inspired, self-aware videos dubstep has seen yet.