For a genre where a large part of its growth and fanbase are directly attributed to how massive the scene is online, it's amazing to think about the lack of quality music videos there are in dubstep (or all of EDM, for that matter). Maybe it's a money thing, or maybe the idea of translating a voiceless sound into a narrative visual piece can be daunting. That's not to say that there aren't dope music videos for the dubstep scene out there, but you'd think that more of them would involve either a sick visual component, or take it to the next level and develop some stories that mirror the track.

In our quest to find the best in the dubstep music video lot, we tried to satisfy all of those points. You shouldn't be surprised at the names includes, as either the biggest artists (Skream, Knife Party, Kill the Noise, Benga) are included, or the artists affiliated with big labels (Ram Records, Never Say Die, Dub Police) that are willing to put forth something different to help push their tracks. You've got everything from trippy, Illuminati-featured pieces to all-out depressed clown short films to young girls using mystical powers to torture their molesters.

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